Case Studies

Armor Blade
Pangea Mobile got Armor Blade Featured by Apple in 70+ Countries 85 times

Armor blade is the worlds first strategic, multi-player, role playing game that is centered around a battle arena. Armor blade has a unique Map Navigation system, full of monsters to slay, treasure to discover and loot to hoard!

The developers of Armor Blade reached out to Pangea Mobile to help increase its game design and game balancing. Pangea Mobile made great effort into refining and simplifying the User Experience and isolating the key points of monetization and tailoring the game difficulty around this. Along with retention improvements, tuning the item and currency economies of the game, Pangea Mobile increased the initial APRDAU of Armor Blade, resulting in significantly increased player LTV.

Summoner's Age: Triple Triad
Pangea Mobile increased Day 1 Retention by 45%

Summoner's Age brings a fun new experience to one of the most popular Final Fantasy card game. This story takes place in a magical fantasy world full of Gods, Demons, and Beasts. Players engage in the epic adventure as a young Summoner that must follow the trail of a hooded enemy that’s unleashing the chaotic powers of the legendary cards onto the world.

The Summoner's Age Developers approached Pangea Mobile for deep localization help integrating critical social SDKs in the Western markets like Facebook and Apple's Game Center. Pangea Mobile optimized the First Time User Experience as well as balanced in-game content like the Summoner Cards and PvE elements like enemy difficulty and much more. All the changes increased organic install lift and most importantly, a 45% increase in Day 1 Retention resulting in a significant increase in overall player LTV.

Dragon Tactics
Pangea Mobile got Dragon Tactics Featured by Apple and Google in 40+ Countries 69 times

Dragon Tactics is a FULLY 3D Puzzle and RPG game that lets empowers players to conquer dungeons and battle epic bosses. Players collect, enhance, and evolve monsters as they loot them through their raids and victories. Players are inspired to find the rarest monsters and defeat Hades in the ultimate battle for the Realm.

With Pangea Mobile's deep business development partnerships, Dragon tactics was featured by both Apple and Google in their App Stores for multiple weeks on end driving a MASSIVE volume of organic installs. The developers of Dragon Tactics did not have to worry leveraging a large warchest for user acquisition. Instead they enjoyed the benefits of partnership with Pangea Mobile, getting hundreds of thousands of organic users. Aside from marketing and user acquisition, the developers of Dragon Tactics leveraged Pangea Mobile's expertise in game design and live operation design growing retention and revenue within the game.