Pangea Mobile

We deeply culturalize games for the West. As a best-in-class publisher, we leverage our years of experience in mobile gaming bringing Chinese and other international developers into the Western markets.

From language localization, UI/UX optimizations, to game balancing, our offering is truly unique and the numbers speak for themselves.

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Pangea Services

Trust is a key component to our operations. Developers in Asia trust us and our unique one-stop solution. We boast a vast toolkit for global developers to thrive in the Western markets.

We are selective with our partnerships for game publishing, and for all the developers we work with, large and small, there is no challenge in deep localization we can't deliver on.

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Pangea Platform

Our turn-key solution analytics and cross-promotion platform helps maximize the ROI for developers with a single game to large publishers with a large portfolio games.

Our single dashboard provides deep insights into performance from nuances in retention to LTV prediction for live games.

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Pangea Services

We are a one-stop-solution for any foreign developer or publish that wished they had a local presence in the West with the strongest talent. From game design, to UI/UX, to user acquisition, we are masters in each respective domain and our results speak for themselves.


Launch Fast and Intelligently

Launching a new game in an entirely new market is risky. Developers must come up with a thorough plan for the games as far as market readiness, gaining visibility and rank. We make launching a game into the West simple and predictable with our platform and services.



We understand the small details that can affect KPIs whether its your UI or tutorial affecting your D1 Retention or a poorly selected IAP package pricing, we have deep experience in development, business intelligence, and publishing and not only solve the problems, but educate developer partners in the process.

Leo Cui, TalkingData CEO

"It is no doubt that Pangea Mobile is a thought leader in mobile space. We were impressed with their unique industry insights, the level of their advices and services, and their commitment to excellence and professionalism. We highly appreciate them as our long-term partner."

JinSong Gao, ICE Simba CEO

"By partnering with Pangea, we were thrilled to see the APRDAU of our game had been increased by 7X, which completely exceeded our expectations.

What we appreciated most was their ability to take our games to the next level with their unprecedented experience in game production, as well as their systematic approach for UA and live-ops. The net result is to maximize our revenue while lower our eCPI."

Jason Yeung, Veewo CEO

"Pangea Mobile is far more than a publishing partner that you would expect. They are the trusted advisors that you could count on in every aspect. With indistinct insight into the market, they truly understand what you need to go and steer you toward the right direction that makes your games brilliant in the West. We were very impressed with their exceptional expertise in scaling our DAU by 4X by leveraging their solution platform."

Trusted by some of the smartest companies