What It Is

Pangea platform is the first ever mobile solution that combines cross-promotion, analytics (pre-install and post-install) and LTV prediction for publishers and developers.

We give you a single point of access to promote your game effectively, track your campaign easily, analyze your audience intelligently and forecast your revenue precisely.

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Pangea Mobile Platform


Scale Your User Growth and Monetize Your Users

Publishers and developers are increasingly facing the challenges of being priced out of traditional UA methods. They also allow their user base to decay overtime without fully realizing there worth. Pangea mobile platform brings you a powerful cross-promotion network that efficiently drives your high-quality user growth while managing and monetizing your DAU.

  • Cross-promote your DAU's to your new app intelligently
  • Establish Direct Deals with other game developers and publishers

Audience Insights

Turn Real-Time Insights into Actionable Results

To maximize marketing ROI, it is challenging for developers to measure the campaign effectiveness and precisely target at their audience. With Pangea platform we empower with the insights you need to optimize your campaign and engage your audience for data-driven decision.

  • Campaign Tracking
  • User Demographic Profiling (No Facebook needed)
  • Game Analytics

ROI Forecasting

Predict and Measure the Outcome For Your Game

Developers tend to chase after total revenue alone. This is not enough for a game to sustain success in the long run. LTV is the only metric that truly gauge the ROI of your games. Leveraging our complexly proprietary algorithms, we give you the most accurate insights about predicting the success for your games.

  • LTV Projection
  • Revenue Forecasting
  • ASO Trend Analysis
  • ROI Analysis