Market Insights
Unlock Your Opportunity and Minimize Your Risk

Chinese developers are facing complexity and opportunity-cost challenges in their efforts in conquering the Western mobile gaming market - the most competitive market and lucrative audience

Rooted in Silicon Valley, we have deep knowledge of this ever-changing market. By providing complete marketing analysis and assessment, we help you identify the fastest route to capitalize on new opportunities for your ambitious global growth

Transform Your Art into World-Class Game

To compete in the dynamic Western gaming world, Chinese developers cannot afford to ignore the differences in culture. The quality of art is much more demanding in terms of grabbing the eyeballs of players.

With the deep expertise in building top-grossing games, our production team works hand in hand with you, optimizing your game’s UI/UX, in-game features and art stylization. Through deep culturalization, we aim to unleash the fullest potential of your games, and ensure to engage with users at the most intimate level.

Make You Launch Simple and Predictable

Launching a new game in an entirely new market is quite risky. Developers must come up with a thorough plan for the games as far as market readiness, gaining visibility and rank.

We help you simplify and optimize your launch strategy with our deep understanding of market fit for every genre of game. Our expert team evaluates and analyzes your games based on quantifiable metrics, as well as subjective indicators. This in parallel with our effective App Store Optimization (ASO) frameworks, takes your games to the next competitive level in this dynamic market.

User Acquisition
Drive Sustainable Growth with the Best ROI

The competition for downloads is increasingly intensive over time. As the cost of user acquisition keeps surging, developers are under pressure to find an creative way to scale your organic user base in a cost-effective manner.

To sustainably drive your user volume, we bring a proven structured approach that efficiently utilizes multiple channels. Our UA experts help you boost your organic downloads through our wide range of ad network channels, social media campaigns and PR initiatives. Also, we are able to burst your games to get into the chart for maximizing your exposure purpose.

Live Operations
Retain High Value Users and Maximize Monetization

Live-ops is often underutilized and underestimated in its ability to drive revenue and increase long-term retention. As free-to-play mobile games show the unprecedented momentum to date, live-ops as a permanent design framework is more critical than ever.

With our extensive live-ops experience in top-tier companies, our operations team provide you with the world-class insight and best practices . These include community/customer support, content scheduling, sale campaigns, and any other live-ops event that results in a competitive strategy to optimize monetization and engagement.